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MARIProject enables you to run your business on the go by granting immediate access to business partner master data and project data via Internet, smartphone or tablet (iOS, Android). You can work on many tasks on the road and the results are directly stored in the system.

Mobile functionalities for smartphone & tablet (iOS, Android)

  • Post attendance times and project times to projects.

  • Capture travel expenses for your business trips and bill them internally.

  • Define approval procedures for documents, budgets, vacation of flextime.

  • Edit support tickets or maintenance operations in the Support Desk and comment or forward support tickets.

  • Generate material requirements requests for projects.

  • When requesting additional materials (e.g. via iPhone), bar code and bar code recognition simplify the entry of materials.

The Mobile Client of MARIProject works with these operating systems: Apple iOs (iPhone, iPad, ...), Android, BlackBerry, Symbian OS S60, Symbian ^3 (Nokia Smartphones), webOS (PalmPre), Windows Phone and Windows Mobile with Opera Mini.

More mobile functionalities via Internet

  • Enter and modify business partner master data

  • Use project analysis function

  • View opportunities

  • Plan employees for projects

Because of the mobile access to the ERP and project software, not so much work remains undone if your are on a business trip.

In addition, MARIProject allows you to bill projects according to time and service although employees are on site at the customer or are away on a construction job. 

The Challenge

Nowadays, mobility plays a vital role in project management and is an important factor for project success. Not only managing directors must be informed about the current project status, also consultants, project managers and the employees in sales and customer service require access to up-to-date project information at any time.

The Solution

MARIProject supports this trend by providing the Web Client and Mobile Client. These two modules for mobile work assist consultants and the project, sales and service staff in their day-to-day business. The range of functions is con-stantly being extended.

Manage your projects easily on the go


Business Partner Data

With MARIProject important customer and vendor information are available online: address, contacts, communication data, open items, purchasing and sales documents. Project Data Retrieve critical project data and reports, such as contracts, costs, revenues, travel expenses, time sheet entry journals or phase service reports. Employee Data Access the data of your employees: address, communication data, skills and assigned projects. Plan your employees also online for projects.

Project Times

The employees are able to enter their services and to assign the services to projects even if they are away on business. In this way, the back office is informed and projects can be billed promptly and completely.

Travel Expenses

Capture also your travel expenses no matter where you are, including travel time and project. Add the corresponding travel documents and bill the travel expenses internally to get reimbursed the incurred expenses immediately by the accounting department.


MARIProject allows you to define individual approval processes. Approve purchasing and sales documents simply by using your mobile device. As a result, you avoid delays in the project processing.

Vacation and Flextime

Manage also vacation and flextime when you are on the go. Employees can send their vacation requests for approval to their managers who approve or reject the requests. The employee receives a response immediately by e-mail.

Support Tickets and Service Tasks

Edit support tickets and service tasks completely online. The service staff reads incoming requests, saves, schedules or edits the request, adds a comment to the request or forwards the request directly to a colleague. In this way, the customer gets fast feedback!

Material Requirements Request

Often it turns out at the customer‘s premises or on the construction site that additional material is required. With MARIProject you can request material for projects from warehouse, the purchasing department or project management by using your mobile device. Bar code detection helps you enter the required materials.

Bar Code

MARIProject supports bar code and QR code® detection. The free App "Project Tools" helps you scan item data what saves you a lot of time during the entry.


Manage also the use of equipment for the project on the go.


Create documents, for example a list of recorded project hours, by using the Mobile Client or Web Client. Print the report and submit it to the customer for signature.


Reports, such as the project or phase report, are available online. You can filter the data by various criteria, for example by employee, service, travel expenses or item.

Supported Devices and Operating Systems

Apple iOs (iPhone, iPad ...), Android, BlackBerry, Symbian OS S60, Symbian ^3 (Nokia Smartphones), webOS (PalmPre), Windows Phone and Windows Mobile with Opera Mini. Contact us for more information about the versions!

MARIProject App

The MARIProject App "Project Tools" for smartphones and Tablet (iOS, Android) is available at iTunes and Google Play.

Mobile time tracking

It is possible with MARIProject. Depending on your wishes, you can capture attendance times or project hours. Project hours can be assigned to specific phases.

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