Wholesale Industry

SAP Bussiness One:A Software for Wholesale Industry-A complete Solution for every aspect of Industry

The wholesale distributors are faced with the relentless pressure of competition to keep prices low and increase supply. This means that there is constant need to look for ways to improve margins and grow the revenues, which requires greater focus on reducing operating expenses and cutting costs throughout the entire process, from delivery to payment. You need to manage inventory more efficiently and integrate more of your customers and suppliers.

SAP Business One wholesale distribution software solutions can help you manage this balancing act by modernizing your process from the order to the delivery, and give you a view of inventory levels, order statuses, delivery schedules of suppliers and demand of customers.


SAP Business One Benefits

Not only does SAP Business One run your core business functions like sales and finance, it can also help you:

  • Optimize inventory management – Manage inventory levels and the movement of goods in real time to minimize lack of stock situations; increase product availability and reduce inventory costs; and manage price lists, special prices, and quotations.
  • Anticipate Customer Demand – Provides full details of previous transactions in order to analyze the purchasing behavior of customers in a more accurately and balance stock levels as appropriate.
  • Modernize your process from delivery to payment – Automate key processes to improve efficiency throughout the entire cycle, from order to payment, including the creation of the same order, updating stock levels, delivery, billing, accounting, and accounts receivable.
  • Adjust partner integration – Providing online self-service capabilities to customers as well as suppliers so that they can view inventory availability, order status, deliveries, and billing information.


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