Media Industry

SAP Bussiness One: A Software for Media Industry-A complete Solution for every aspect of the Industry

SAP for Media meets the unique demands of publishers, broadcasters, advertising agencies, news services, and entertainment businesses. With over 600 customers worldwide, SAP for Media provides tailored solutions to keep up with rapid changes driven by the Internet, online publishing, and digital broadcasting.
Leverage powerful analytics to gain real-time insights into audience preferences and market trends – with SAP Business One for Media. This industry-specific software for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can help you deliver more targeted offerings, gain clear visibility into your digital supply chain, and maximize revenue from your content.

  • Efficiently distribute and sell content across media networks
  • Explore new business models with a flexible content platform
  • Adjust operations to accommodate digital media trend
  • Increase revenue with highly managed title performance
  • Analyse IP rights and availabilities to fully leverage assets
  • Why Choose SAP Business One for Media?

  • Dedicated solution to accommodate both print and electronic Media.
  • Fully supports the rapid adoption of an electronic business model.
  • Maximise the value of your intellectual property (IP) rights.
  • Cut costs with improved operational efficiency and transparency.
  • Improve content revenue with new channels to market (dynamic, devices, and networks).
  • Drive savvier decision making across your lines of business with powerful analytics and reporting.
  • Business Priority Solutions

    >Compelling Content Creation

  • Improve content creation and management to attract bigger audiences across multiple channels. Keep content creators happy – and collaborate better with producers, advertisers, and suppliers.
  • Forecast costs to develop, produce, and distribute content
  • Maintain media planning flexibility while controlling budgets
  • Deliver highest-quality service to creators of successful content
  • Improve your ability to repurpose and monetise content
  • maximise resources and production capacity, and reduce schedule slippage
  • >Media Content Monetization
    Effectively monetise content to protect margins in your core business and pursue growth in the digital market. maximise brand value, retain subscribers, and streamline content distribution.

  • Offer your digital audiences in-context, personalised products relevant to them in the moment
  • Safeguard revenue by retaining more subscribers through flexible pricing and quality service
  • Automate high volumes of small transactions for large numbers of end customers
  • Gain deeper insight into your licensing business, including remaining reuse opportunities
  • Boost profits from traditional business and grow income from underused secondary rights
  • >Audience and Customer Monetization
    Offer services that customers will happily purchase – and connections that advertisers will pay a premium for. Achieve a new level of audience monetization for you and your advertisers.

  • Understand patterns of content usage, and analyse how well you deliver user value
  • analyse consumer context in real time to deliver precisely targeted offers
  • Tune in to social media to understand your audience, fuel interactivity, and influence opinion
  • Provide an attractive service for advertisers by offering a single, cross-channel sales process
  • Increase customer value through cross-channel bundling and up-sales


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