Consumer Product Industry

SAP Bussiness One:Software for Consumer Product Industry-A complete Solution for every phase

As a consumer products company, you operate in an environment with constant fluctuations in customer demand, relentless profit pressures, increasing global competition and an increasingly strict regulatory environment. These factors are complicated by the pressures for efficiency, product differentiation and compliance.
SAP Business One software is ideal for a small business seeking to gain greater control over operations by increasing visibility into the supply chain, automating key production processes, tracking compliance and focusing on innovation and speed to market. The software provides complete support for:

  • Integrating sales, manufacturing, finance and operations
  • Managing sales, production and purchase orders
  • Integrating RFID and barcode technologies
  • Improving visibility of raw materials and work-in-process
  • Handling returns, complaints and after-sales support
  • Material requirements planning for multi-level production processes
  • Tracking and reporting on regulatory compliance – and on progress against industry key performance indicators (KPIs) or benchmarks
  • Get the tools you need to support speed and innovation from idea to launch – with SAP Business One for Consumer Products. This industry-specific software for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can help you quickly respond to demand, improve inventory management, and boost brand recognition and loyalty. Capture changing customer demand with improved forecasting Align inventory with demand to reduce mark-downs and write-offs Be first to market with rapid, innovative product development Streamline and integrate manufacturing and logistics operations Automate procurement processes and support vendor evaluation Ensure product compliance, safety, and traceability

    SAP Business One's  benefits:

  • Reduce cost and increase scale of manufacturing with a comprehensive application that delivers all the core functionality required to support your operations.
  • Anticipate customer needs using more timely information
  • Optimise inventory through better resource planning and production management.
  • Execute compliance to industry, quality and regulatory standards with clear, transparent data throughout the supply chain


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